At Oribe, we believe in big hair-and a small carbon footprint.

Proudly introducing Liter Refills. As part of our continued commitment to sustainable packaging, we’ve created new refill pouches for our most popular liter-sized shampoos and conditioners and our luxurious hand wash.

Each pouch uses 71% less single-use plastic
than our liter bottles.

We encourage you to join us on our journey to a more sustainable future by refilling and reusing our beautiful packaging.
Gold Lust
Repair & Restore
Shampoo & Conditioner
Reawaken your hair to its glossiest, healthiest prime. Gold Lust Shampoo rejuvenates with our revolutionary bio-restorative complex, while Gold Lust Conditioner undoes the damage of time (and style).
Shampoo & Conditioner
Every morning should start with a little indulgence. Signature Shampoo is a rich daily cleanser that silkens, detangles and protects, while Signature Conditioner contains hydrating polymers that revive youthful shine for lustrous, healthy locks. Prepare your hair for glamour.
Shampoo & Conditioner for
Beautiful Color
Extend the bright, happy life of your dye. Shampoo for Beautiful Color’s high-tech ingredients target damaged areas for intense moisture, while Conditioner for Beautiful Color’s rich, restorative formula soothes over-processed color-treated hair with enhanced environmental protection to keep color-sapping UV rays at bay.
Côte D’Azur
Revitalizing Hand Wash
Elevate your ritual with this revitalizing hand wash. Our signature Côte d’Azur scent — a sun-drenched blend of Mediterranean citrus and white butterfly jasmine — infuses this softening cleanser for a moment of unexpected decadence.

How to


1. First, remove bottle pump and set aside to use after the refill process. Leave any residual product inside the bottle - do not rinse or wash the bottle. Adding water or soap can introduce contaminants and affect the performance of the fresh product.
2. Open the refill pouch by removing the cap. Gently squeeze the pouch to avoid spillage, using the handle for greater control during filling. To fully evacuate the liter refill pouch, we suggest rolling the pouch up from the bottom as you refill your bottle, similar to rolling up a toothpaste tube. Always fill the same product into its original package, e.g. refill Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo into a liter bottle already containing Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo.
3. Be sure to leave ample headspace in the bottle to accommodate for product displaced by the pump.
4. Replace the pump on the bottle. Replace cap on the refill pouch or discard if empty.
Note: Any remaining product in the pouch can be used to refill your bottle in the future (up to 12 months from the initial opening).
Frequently Asked
Does the brand plan on creating refill pouches for any other products in the line?
Yes, we are currently exploring refills/refillable options for additional Oribe products in the future.
How many times can the liter refill pouches be used?
A single liter refill pouch will refill one liter-size Oribe shampoo or conditioner bottle once (1x) and one Oribe Côte d’Azur Revitalizing Hand Wash 3 and 1/3 times.
Why are the refill pouches only offered for select Oribe products?
We prioritized creating refill pouches for our most in-demand and best-selling collections globally among both consumers (at retail) and within salons. Given the high volume of product used within salons, we saw the opportunity to reduce the amount of potential waste and reuse on a larger scale which made sense to act upon.
Can the liter refill pouches be used as standalone products?
The liter refill pouches were designed to be used as a system with your compatible, liter-size Oribe shampoo and conditioner or hand wash. For the best user experience, we recommend using the Oribe liter-size bottle with a pump and your refill pouches as a more sustainable way to prolong the life of your beautiful Oribe liter bottles. Oribe’s product pumps deliver the optimal product dosage and are engineered for up to 10,000 uses. Currently, pumps are not recyclable, therefore we encourage you to reuse your pumps as many times as possible.
Will there be any outer packaging on the liter refill pouches (similar to the box cartons on full-size Oribe products)?
Oribe was mindful to reduce packaging for our liter refill pouches and eliminated the need for individual outer cartons (also known as secondary packaging). If you are purchasing the liter refills pouches from, you will receive the pouch by itself with no outer box/carton.
How long can you reuse and refill the Oribe liter-size bottles themselves?
We recommend replacing your Oribe liter-size bottle approximately every 12 months, or as necessary (i.e. bottle/pump damage, etc.).
Are the liter refill pouches recyclable?
The liter refill pouches are made from a multi-layered film which is essential to protect the integrity of the product inside. Multi-layered film pouches are not yet able to be recycled widely; at present, only about 20% of Americans can recycle this type of material*. As a result of this, the new liter refill pouches are not recyclable. We are actively researching and testing alternative pouch materials that can both maintain the integrity of the product inside and are also recyclable, or contain recycled content, in an effort to continue to improve our environmental impact.

As part of our larger commitment to sustainability, we are always looking for ways to evolve our packaging to make it more environmentally friendly. Our new liter refill pouches are a forward step in this journey. The pouches use 71% less single-use plastic than our current liter bottles, reduced carbon emissions in transport due to the compact format of the pouches and localized manufacturing, and reduced material into the waste stream.

*Based on information sourced from
Does the brand have a larger sustainability plan? If so, what does the timing for this look like and why is this important to the brand?
At Oribe, we know that everything matters. We lust after the details and have a dedication to never stop improving, always striving to deliver our best. In the coming months, Oribe will unveil the brand’s ESG vision that outlines our commitment to driving action in achieving targeted goals around reshaping our future formulations, reinventing luxury packaging, reducing our carbon footprint and nourishing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Part of being #oribeobsessed is about looking at challenges with fresh perspectives, and to reimagine what is possible and question the status quo. We have our sights set on a bold new ambition: to create products that uniquely blend luxurious craftsmanship with the highest standards of sustainability. And through this commitment, we are rededicating ourselves to innovating and improving – creating products that nourish hair and body, spirit, people and planet.
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